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Ebru Art Master class - painting on the water, Kyiv


We invite you to plunge into the world of Oriental beauty together with professional painters who will reveal the mysteries of painting on water to you. So it will be equally interesting both for children and adults.

Ebru master-classes are popular as an idea for birthday celebrations where the guests paint presents for a birthday person. Painting on water is a wonderful master-class for a hen-party.

We often conduct ebru master-classes during conferences and seminars where guests may take their minds off work for a little while because ebru is a fast painting technique and does not take a lot of time. An especially pleasant feature of this art is that paintings can be transferred on paper and taken home right after the class.

What kind of paints is necessary for painting on water?

We often hear this question. For ebru technique we use special liquid paints on the basis of pigment, water and bile. Besides, pictures on water require special materials: thickened water, special paints as well as awls of various sizes, combs and brushes.

Price: 300 UAH

More details: https://lihtaryk.com.ua

Please, contact us: +38-068-270-70-86 and +38-095-661-33-81

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