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Nikopol', Nikopol's'kyi district

The green city of Nikopol’ is located in Dnipropetrovs’k region on the bank of the Kakhovka Reservoir. It is a historic city, as going back in time to the 17th century we would find there the Mykytyns’k Sich – the heart of Cossack lands and a crossing via the full-flowing river of Dnipro. The Cossacks called this place a paradise due to its fertile lands, fragrance valleys, where they could hunt and fish in ponds. Today, at the place the Sich used to be located, on Mykytyns’ka Street, you will see the majestic Monument to Bohdan Khmel’nyts’kyi.

The Nikopol Local History Museum will draw in your mind’s eye pictures of the past, so you might feel yourself as a Cossack. You’ll have opportunity to estimate valuable collections of archaeological sites, objects and weapons of the Ukrainian Cossacks, rare printed books, and Ukrainian towels. A few kilometres from the city, in Kopylivka village, you will see the grave of Ataman Ivan Sirko.

Nikopol’ has started its history since the times of Cossacks, who were notable for courage and severity, however they were religious people. The same nature inherited their descendants. Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church built in the 19th century is the oldest temple of the city and can be noted by you on Voikova Street. It is really a holy place... Come inside the temple and you will see beautiful paintings made by Russian artist and poet Maksymilian Voloshyn.

Walking along the quay of Nikopol’ you may involuntarily imagine the main character of famous soviet writers Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov’s novels – Ostap Bender, who proclaimed himself as “a great schemer and an ideological fighter for current money”. Nikopol’ was a place, Osyp Shor, his prototype grew up. The extensive embankment, meant to be a dike, is the most beautiful place in Nikopol’: on one hand – the city with its fragrance of blooming chestnut and apricot trees, and on the other – the spacious Kakhovka Reservoir. It is an artificial reservoir, once flooded Dnipro rapids and the Dnipro became a navigable one. The beauty of the rapids and fertile lands had been lost, yet we saw wide spaces for boats, yachts and fishery.

After opening of sailing season in Nikopol’, in the middle of June, it seems like someone tore a snow-white necklace, and the sea waves throw up its beads. That is one of the most spectacular sports – yachting. Regattas, parades, heats, and competitions are conducted annually in the city. What a charming sight!

Nikopol is also remarkable due to the fact, in 1971 excavations of Scythian burial mound “Tovsta Mohyla” were carried out on the territory of the mining plant not far from the city. That is exactly where the famous golden pectoral of Scythian king, dated 4th century BC, was excavated. This is one of the greatest discoveries of the world of archaeology and history.

Though the city is small, it will give you lots of pleasant memories. You’ll find where to have a rest!

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