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Vinnytsia, Vinnytsia region

A picturesque calm city-park, Vinnytsia, is situated on the banks of the river Pivdennyi Buh. The place is full of gardens, parks and museums. That is the reason why this heavenly spot attracts a great number of tourists.


Your tourist trip should be started from the main Soborna Street as far as every house has its own unrepeatable history. For instance, Klyment Timiriazev Vinnytsia Regional Universal Library, which for the present moment is a center of culture and science, a shrine of knowledge and a cultural place. Antiquity and modernity are blending in the library. This place takes us to the world of unique old books and lets us to analyze important documents absorbing into the “Knyga-chronik” book – one of the most famous incunabulum; you can also be provided with a chance to see masterpieces of printing industry art: book-giant and tiny book editions etc. 


Walking alone Soborna Street, don’t forget to visit the Vinnytsia Museum of Local Lore, where world unique objects are presented. Among them you may find some objects of Scythian and Sarmatia periods. This place will tell you about life and traditions of different nations to had been living at the territory of Vinnytsia region. An interesting collection of bright women and men shirts, carpets, earthenware and ceramics, rich in coloring, grace, amazing ornament; more over, painted Easter eggs and icons should be noted.


Those to be interested in architecture are recommended to go to Church of St Nicholas the Wonderworker. This is a great art master sample of Podillya region. Admirers of the art may value the art collection of Nemyrovs’kyi Palace, which used to belong to the princess Maria Shcherbatova. Canvas of Western and Eastern Europe masters of the 19th century; Italian majolica of the 17th century; porcelain items of Ukrainian, Russian and West European plants dating back to the 17th-20th centuries, the antique furniture as well, are presented there.


It should be mentioned that the Mykola Pyrogov Museum takes a leading position in internal and external International tourism. A genius surgeon, distinguished scientist and the founder of the field surgery lived and worked here. An interesting fact is that Mykola Pyrohov has created a mask for the ether narcosis that is still used in medicine. You may visit an estate and a house of the scientist, drug-store museum of surgeon’s operating room interiors.


Maksym Gorky Central Park of Culture and Recreation will bring you a great mood. A fabulous atmosphere and the infinity of the Universe may be found in the Planetarium located on the park’s territory. Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky Museum, created in honor of a great Ukrainian writer, is also considered to be one of the pictorial places in Vinnytsia. The territory is rich of peer trees, limes of about 300 ages. You can also discover agaves, magnolias and tamarisks.  


On the whole, a calm atmosphere surrounds the city. That is why you are going to feel yourself as a welcome visitor at once!

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