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Nowhere to leave the bike in Kiev? I stop at velohab


Cycling - your vehicle and lifestyle? Then you have a good news. In Kiev, was the first major velohab in Ukraine, where you can safely park your bike, relax, take a shower, to work, to leave things to go velomaysterni, to rent a bike and others.

In velohaba are outdoor area - 150 parking places in the yard, where bicycles can be left free and guarded. Also in the yard is a playground for sport, Wi-Fi, makers of drinks. In the evenings there are views movies with headphones to avoid disturbing loud sound inhabitants of nearby houses. For long term and secure bicycle storage room is with metal boxes, lockers for personal belongings, locker rooms and showers. For storage box to pay 7 USD / year or 30 USD per day / night. A total of 300 parking places veloparkovtsi, it is in the center of Kyiv, Baseina Street 12, near the Palace of Sports.

Many countries have actively used the bicycle as an ecological and healthy transport alternative bus, and subway cars. And in Kiev gradually vidvoyovuyetsya more space for cycling. Biking & Cycling is Goloseyevsky park on the Dnieper embankment, the prospectus Bazhana on the street. Dragomirova and Zdolbunivska and in some other places. Already three times this year, was the city action "on a bicycle - to work." But to Europeans familiar bicycle paths is far from widespread.

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Date: 06 August 2015
Monument Zaporizhzhya Cossack hetman Peter Konashevich Sagaydachny previously installed in Sevastopol are decorated downtown. The official grand opening will take place on August 23, the Day of the city.
Date: 05 August 2015
The "Park Kievan Rus`, near Kyiv, there was a miracle - Emerald Lake, named so because of its 100-meter bowl surrounded by great beauty green banks.
Date: 05 August 2015
In Kiev, the park Pushkin installed sculpture "Seagull". Strange material composition - it is made of metal. At its creation used thousands of details - nuts, bearings, washers, spoons, knives, forks, shovel, castle, iron, gears and other metal products.

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