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In Kiev, a new Bicycle


In Kiev, a new Bicycle route: from Troyeshchyna residential area in the city center, to the European area. He opened it himself mayor of Vitali Klitschko, proyihavshys velodorozi by bicycle. He noted that this is the first track in Kiev this level: it is dedicated to cyclists, cars there access denied.

Troyeshchyna - the capital`s residential area on the left bank, where more than 500 thousand. Residents. 22 km from Troyeshchyna to the center can be overcome to healthy and economically bicycle about half an hour. This is especially true when the frozen building long-promised government subway Troieschyna.

Cycling in Kiev is gradually becoming more popular public transport. There are more cyclists, bicycle paths, bicycle rental, more cycling organizations conduct free training for those wishing to Bicycle. Kyiv gradually approaching European cities, whose inhabitants regularly go to work and rest on bicycles. Among the known routes for veloprohulyanok in Kiev and Kiev region: Rusanivsky Island, park of Partisan Glory, Arboretum, Obolonska embankment, Goloseevskiy park, Truhanov island, Zhukov island, Concha Zaspa, Friendship Park, water park, Mezhyhirya, Pusha Voditsa, Pirogov etc. The city government plans to build in the city is 600 km bicycle paths.

Those who do not own a bike can take it places BICYCLE. This requires a monetary deposit or payment document and the time of use.

Biking provides an excellent opportunity to make an unforgettable walk along Kyiv, look beautiful corners of nature, make it a lot in a short time.

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