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In Vynnyky immortalized football coach


Bronze monument to the famous football coach Bogdan Markiewicz opened in Vynnyky - the small town of Lviv region. Bogdan Markevich live football his whole activity was associated with the development of football in the region. He played for football teams Vynnyky was coach "Dawn" (Lvov) and "Zhupan" (Vynnyky) trainer-breeder Lviv "Karpaty" grew famous as a children`s football coach. Among the pupils of coach and his son Myron Markevich - one of the most influential modern football coaches of Ukraine, who now trains in Dnipropetrovsk "Dnipro".

In the composition of the monument, the authors presented two sculptures: the father and trainer of football wisdom teaches son - the future of football player and coach. The composition is based on Vynnyky stadium, named after Bohdan Markiewicz. More than ten years in the city is the annual youth football tournament in memory of Bohdan Markiewicz.


In Ukraine, more than 20 monuments, plaques, memorials dedicated to famous players, coaches and events related to the history of football.

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