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In Berdichev was Jewish Museum


History, culture, religion ... Jewish Museum opened in Berdichev, Zhytomyr Region. For the Jewish people Berdichev - a city of legend. History Berdichev inextricably linked with the history of Ukrainian Jews. Several centuries, from the early 18th century, in the city there was a large Jewish community. And to this day residents of Berdichev - regardless of nationality and religion - respectful to the Jewish national traditions, holidays.

Expositions in museum rooms tell about the life of the community, the Berdichevsky the Jews, the historical past and the present: to engage in trade and city fairs of handicrafts and factory production, the culture and religion of the Holocaust in the fire which during the Second World War killed Berdichevsky tens of thousands of Jews of the Soviet period and the current life of the community. Photos, paintings, everyday objects, installations, family archives, documents, celebrities, music ...

The initiative to create the museum collection was made by Mayor multinational Berdichev Vasiliy Mazur. And the exhibits for the museum helped collect citizens and former residents of Berdichev, who now live in other cities and countries. Museum located in the library for children on the street. European, 15. Works from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00.

Also, the library is the center of Ukrainian and Polish culture.

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