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In Kiev Light Rail can ride with «MasterCard»


Travel speed tram in Kyiv already possible to pay with a bank card «MasterCard». For this purpose, six stations BORSCHAGOVSKY right bank route light rail line installed special contactless terminals. This station "Polytechnic", "Family Sosninykh" "Gnat Yura", "Victory Square", "Ivan Lepse" and "Heroes of Sevastopol".

Pay the way is quite simple: you only need to present the card to the terminal. The fare (three hryvnia) is automatically withdrawn from the account, and the turnstile will appear on the opportunity pass.

Thus innovation allows passengers to save time, do not stand in line at the cash register, it is convenient for tourists from different countries, making transportation more comfortable. Also take turnstiles to pay social cards and contactless travel. In addition, the station "Victory Square" set makers that produces disposable tickets. Simultaneously the six stations was free Wi-Fi.

Bank cards payment technology developed at JSC "Bankomsvyaz" and the consortium "Astek" terminals used French production.

Earlier this summer, contactless payment system was in Kiev on 17 underground stations and a funicular. Statistics show that residents and visitors will actively use «MasterCard». Bank cards to pay for subway turnstiles are used only in a few cities in the world - Chicago, London, Bucharest and St. Petersburg. The plans of the Kiev authorities - electronic fare throughout the public transport.

The first high-speed tram line in Kiev, launched in 1978, and this was the first time in the USSR. Cars were Czechoslovak production. Today in Kyiv there are two light rail lines, from the right bank and left bank three routes with two routes.

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