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Odessa: the legendary bridge repair wait


That the need has long spoken in Odessa, there was ... Teschin famous bridge repair. It was built in the years 1968-1969 and since then has not known any major repairs. Meanwhile, one of the four pillars urgently needs repairs. It is planned to strengthen the structures, retaining walls, reduce the burden on the slope near the bridge supports. It is assumed that all work will be completed this year.

Teschin pedestrian bridge located in a very interesting place. It connects between the two boulevards - Seaside and Michael Zhvaneckogo. The length of the bridge - 130 meters, height - 30 meters. The first official name Teschin bridge - Komsomolsk, then named Captain. But these names are not accustomed.

There are several versions of legends name "Teschin bridge." On one of them, in his love of building influenced the then first secretary of the Party Committee of the Odessa Mikhail Sinitsa mother for pancakes. Tit allegedly lived on the Promenade, and mother-- on Gogol Street, near Komsomolsk boulevard (now - Zhvaneckogo Boulevard). To get to it, he had to descend into the beam or go a roundabout way. Then first secretary and had the idea of ​​building an expensive bridge.

Originally conceived pastiche antique bridge that it naturally appeared among Odessa classical architecture of the 19th century. But in the end did it in the style of constructivism. Interestingly, Teschin bridge - an exact copy of the famous bridge reduced Duchesse Charlotte in Luxembourg.

Teschin little bridge swinging in the wind. It`s easy to feel when to stop on the bridge. Especially it is felt if a few people on the bridge at the same time postrybayut.

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