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Opened lost village in the floodplain of the Dnieper


Ukraine conceals many secrets. One of them is a small village on the island of the Dnieper downstream near the Zaporizhzhya. People weary civilization fled here to live in harmony with nature. All new and new daunshiftery attached to this settlement, creating a large team of young and friendly village. Its you will not find on maps, on the Internet or elsewhere, it has no name and zip code, there`s only island and its inhabitants.

A small settlement on the island lies a considerable area of ​​99 km sq., Just a 30 kilometers downstream from the industrial giant Dnieper Zaporozhye. The local forestry settlement, it is listed as fans of hunting and fishing. It can be reached only by boat. Life here seems frozen, the local inhabitants are trying to turn each day into a holiday, doing things you love in harmony with nature.

Some residents already grow here in the fourth generation, according Hromadske.Zaporizhzhya. Young leaves and older people, by contrast, come in search of calm and quiet old age, creating a sort of a small corner of harmony and comfort.

Although not easy living islanders call: there is no any infrastructure, and the only transport are boats. They also connect with local and mainland civilization lives.

In any case, this corner of the island remains unspoilt nature and a little utopian dream, which for many in the maelstrom of city life is often simply unattainable.

Recall that almost all the Rapids were flooded during the construction of a system of dams and hydroelectric plants during the first half of the 20th century to the late 50`s, the riverbed was completely resolved. Waters Kakhovka reservoir flooded all the islands and most of the wetlands of the lower reaches of the Dnieper in 1955-1958 years. Until now preserved only a few small islands that can show us at least part of what looked like the biggest river of Ukraine in the past.

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