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The prospect of cheaper flights "Lot" will carry from Kharkov to Warsaw


New direct flights from Kharkov to Warsaw will start to Polish Airlines "LOT". They start from 1 March 2016 and will be carried on the aircraft «Embraer» five times a week.

This is not only an opportunity to visit Warsaw and other cities in Poland. Warsaw airport - one of Ukraine closest to major airports in Europe, where there are opportunities to direct aircraft traveling to other countries, a good prospect of cheaper options to plan flights. Warsaw and takes flight airlines loukosterov.

Flight departures from Kharkov will be so planned that Ukrainian air travelers will still miss many flights to Europe and North America. Also plans to launch flights from Kharkov and in other Polish cities.

Today, from Kharkov can fly to Warsaw via companies "UIA», «Turkish Airlines» and «KLM», which was previously the Dutch national company, now part of the «Air France». International Airport Frederic Chopin - the largest Polish airport, 10 kilometers from the center of Warsaw. Because it can fly in dozens of countries.

Read more about low-cost flights from the Ukraine, in the paper "loukost in Ukraine cheaper only on foot."

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