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PORTO FRANKO GogolFEST 2016: Ivano-Frankivsk Ukraine becomes art center


8-12 June 2016 in Ivano-Frankivsk waiting for one of the biggest cultural events in history.

It first held the International Festival of European «PORTO FRANKO GogolFEST", which is a few days old Stanislav transform the capital of Ukrainian culture.

This event will be the result of joint efforts of the organizers known in Ukraine a festival of contemporary art "GogolFest" and Ivano-Frankivsk festival «PORTO FRANKO».

Source photos: studio "lens."

Key locations «PORTO FRANKO GogolFEST" - Potocki Palace (which needs restoration - incidentally, indirectly, the palace and gave rise to a whole Frankivsk festival), city hall , courtyard Medical University , Fortress gallery "Bastion" , the old printing press, Drama Theatre space around the regional council and the city lake .

Photo Source: bystrytsya.if.ua.

Overall Fest will cover a center Frankivsk together with the surrounding areas , streets, original neighborhoods , parks and public garden. Among the ideas locations - plant "Prompribor" (it is quite possible to rethink how modern kultprostir) and the arrangement of the square for the Regional Council. The latter can give a push to create a pedestrian Armenian Street, one of the oldest and most interesting streets of Ivano-Frankivsk. In addition, there is a possibility that during the festival area in front of the White House will be a public space.

Photo Source: galleryua.com.

The concept of «PORTO FRANKO GogolFEST" provides multydystsyplinarnist and focus on how to present here all the arts. Many activities will be joint international projects with foreign artists. The festival will cover:

  • theater;
  • literary events;
  • Music projects;
  • architectural installations;
  • Mural art;
  • ekofestyval and alternative energy;
  • Children`s Festival;
  • Ukrainian-Polish Festival of foam sculptures and more.

To get to the «PORTO FRANKO GogolFEST" as many participants from Ukraine and abroad, develops high-quality professionals Frankivsk camping yevrozrazka. It will comfortably and economically accommodate all lovers of creativity everywhere.

Photo Source: espreso.tv.

Speaking more broadly about the future, the organizers plans include the development of the region, even not only in Ivano-Frankivsk. In particular Potocki Palace want to turn on the current residence of contemporary art. Perhaps after the festival and will change the fate of several other locations, and the city possess several cultural spaces. In the future such festivals can migrate the whole Ukraine, leaving behind new creative location: it is a major project of authentic regional culture in Ukraine, and it just starts in Ivano-Frankivsk!

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