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For the first quarter century in Zhitomir landed plane


25 years in the skies over Zhytomyr was no passenger aircraft that would sent it to the city. And in 2011, the city remained without any airport was canceled because the certificate of registration airport.

Only in April 2015 moved the situation forward. Then Zhitomir airfield received a new certificate.

January 29, 2016 flight from Kiev Zhulyany made ​​possible by the reconstruction of the city airport. Now work has at this stage, given the opportunity to sit on the runway passenger plane. The flight was purely technical, ie without passengers. And this event will go down in history as a recovery operation Zhitomir airport.

Photo Source: reporter.zt.ua.

The airport still ongoing repair work, in particular the communications. But right now airfield can take aircraft type SaaB-340 and An-24.

According to airport management probably domestic flights are not accept. However, the plan to get a license for international flights.

The final commissioning of the airfield will act as a base of YanAir.

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