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In the winery will transport fares main street


The question of passenger cars travel along the main street winery - the Cathedral - have long been discussed in the city. Around this question there were conflicts, and is now able to adopt a compromise solution. Traffic will be restored the Cathedral. However, not all day. By car can drive down the street from 20:00 to 8:00, that the evening and the morning. Passage will be open to all avtivok than trucks.

Allow non-stop traffic on the main street winery impossible, said Mayor Sergei Morgunov. After all, this issue must take into account the interests of pedestrians, public transport users and owners of cars. If the passenger transport peresuvatymutsya street around the clock, it will not be able to avoid traffic jams and public transport slow significantly.

Due to changes in the main street will have additional road signs. Despite the approval of travel, transport park, as it was now, on the side of the Cathedral is not allowed. This decision was also motivated by the fact that the street should be as free and move on it does not cause congestion. In the executive committee reminded about available parking on the street: Solovyov, walls, Artynov and Grushevskogo.

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