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Vinnichane reconstruction projects chosen city park


Green areas in cities is never enough. So vinnichane very worried that in their city such facilities are not reduced. Provoked intense debate the future reconstruction of the park "Chemist". To reach an agreement on all issues updating the Green Zone, the winery held a public hearing. In a citywide discussion came about 300 people.

The head of the city department of the municipal center of town planning and architecture Alexander Halibroda presented two community reconstruction projects. One involves updating the fountain, lavyts, lighting, construction of sports grounds. The second includes the same thing, but has an extra point - the park plans to build a church.

Image source: urban.vn.ua.

These two projects discussed vividly present. And even made their edits, such as resettlement area for dog walking, reducing parking area more.

Image source: urban.vn.ua.

Most citizens react positively to the construction of the temple. But principled position - the church should be the Kiev Patriarchate. Even chose the name - the Church of the Heavenly hundreds.

So ultimately townspeople and city council agreed on a project that involves the construction of a spiritual building.

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