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In Kamenetz-Podolsk dug two-story tower


Kam`yaneckoy archaeologists excavated in the Old City two-storey tower of the 17th century. On the tower, which is more than 300 years, it was known she reflected on the city historically 17th century.

We also know that the tower was actively used in the defense of the city from the Turks. Later it worked injection molding workshop, flashed guns, evidenced by historical sources. In the workshop has produced about 100 guns.

In the 1830s during the construction of urban boulevard tower fell asleep, she covered nice view of the monastery of the Old City. And that`s almost 200 years the tower was underground. Now it is open for review.

Kamenets - one of the oldest and most interesting cities in Ukraine. City Museum. His "old town", is well preserved and has about 200 monuments 11-19 centuries, is a historical and architectural reserve.

The main attraction - the fortress , the main fortifications belong to 16-17 centuries, and the first buildings - up to 11-12 centuries. One of the best fortifications in Eastern Europe. Are interesting religious buildings representing various religious groups, the building of the City Hall 14-19 centuries museums.

Already twice Kamenets filed an application for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Will serve for the third time. Now, perhaps, contribute to the implementation tower excavated desire.

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