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"Old Amsterdam" center winery decorated with original color Mural


Now the house №22 outside the Cathedral not know. Vinnitsa artists transformed the building into "Old Amsterdam" project implemented authorship Mural winner Irina Polishchuk.

This began to create Mural July 20, 2016, and already 11 August the project was ready. The house in the style of "Old Amsterdam" artfully decorated with stucco 3D-image. Prior to this house from the outside on the Cathedral looked pretty sad.

This is not the first draft that had experience here. Previous in red and peach tones are not caused admiration vinnichan. Simultaneously framed mural-artu «VIN-ART-CITY», devoted to the forthcoming City Day (September 3), prepare Mural other.

Photo Source: vmr.gov.ua.

In particular, the Cathedral, 50, already decorated "Angel" (work nearing completion). For Gogol at 1 zakvitne "Sunflower." Avenue Kotsyubinskogo end design "Richka Bug". A street Vashchuk (school №34) grow "tree of knowledge".

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