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In Mizhrichynskomu park will open a new ekostezhku: Chernihiv awaits guests!


In the regional landscape park "Mizhrichynskyy" continues creating new environmental and local history trail "Woodland".

The trail will acquaint visitors with nature and features ethnic-cultural heritage of Ukrainian Polissya.

The new ecological trail equipped with special information centers.

They will open guests exciting and mysterious world of ethnobotany, wood craft, witchcraft and traditional mythology of the region.

Woodland trail will connect Center visit the park with recreational point "Uzlissya" (it is also dooblashtovuyut). The trail consists of three distinct segments.

  1. The first, "Forest", a pine forest, sand dune and wetland alder.
  2. The second segment, "hurdle" is an old and overgrown bulk military road through the swamp.
  3. The last segment, "swamp", is ready to receive visitors. Guests can go 500m through the swamp and bushes among the vines, visiting the marsh islands. For comfortable travel and stay in the area have laid special flooring from boards, equipped areas for observation and rest. It also installed information boards, which shows the nature of the wetlands.

The new paved trail will introduce a real and living world of swamps everyone, even without the need to wear rubber boots, is clean and comfortable. In the park you can observe birds, photograph the sunset, or just listen in silence to the mysterious sounds of the marshes ...

The discovery trail is planned in spring 2017. But September 24, 2016 you will see it in the first part of the framework of the tour to the park Mizhrichynskoho the "Prerelease".

Those who come to Chernihiv on the threshold of golden autumn will be impressed by the local beauty - and will not be able to visit Mizhrichynskoho not park in the spring when Woodland trail "officially" appeare in all its glory. Additional attention to details autumn should definitely draw fans of "quiet hunting" for mushrooms.

Photo taken from the archive Mizhrichynskoho park.

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