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News Mykolaiv regional centre

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У Миколаєві археологи знайшли древнє житло, яке датується бронзовим віком
Date: 29 July 2016
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Оселя належала косторізу та його сім’ї. У житлі знайшли вироби майстра та предмети праці, з якими і працював древній чоловік та його дружина.
Kamchatka Bears got a new enclosure for the zoo in Mykolaiv
Date: 09 December 2015
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A large event held in Nikolaev. In the local zoo opened the reconstructed enclosure in which live rare Kamchatka bears (Ursus arctos beringianus).
Nicholas museum tells about seamen and shipbuilders
Date: 05 December 2015
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Nikolaev in the school building number 19 was a museum called "Nikolaev - a city of sailors and shipbuilders." Creation of the museum is the result of years of work of teachers, students and other Mykolayiv. Museum exhibits demonstrating the development of maritime history Nikolayev. You can find photos and pictures of famous ships that were built in shipyards Nikolaev, Nikolaev personals who have made a significant contribution to the shipbuilding and military affairs.

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