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Derkul’sk Stud Farm

Derkul’sk Stud Farm is located in Danylivka village of Lugans’k region. These lands have been assigned for a state stud farm by Russian Tsar Peter I and Empress Catherine II has made his idea come true. In 1776 she issued a decree to build Derkul’sk Court Stud Farm. Horses of this farm have been supplied for the imperial cavalry, and the best of them have been intended for the court stable.

Today for those who are fond of horses different excursions and tours are arranged on the territory of Derkul’sk Stud Farm. There is a place where you can stay and have a meal. It will be an unforgettable journey for you and your children. 

Derkul’sk Stud Farm is one of the oldest and most famous in Ukraine. Thoroughbred horses are bred there for horse races, as well as horses for riding groups. At the time of the Russian Empire horses of the best European breeds were raised and trained there. Horse breeders considered Derkul’sk Stud Farm one of the best. Many times its horses won in the races and were highly valued at auctions.

Once you have visited this stud farm, you are well advised to take a tour there. You’ll have opportunity to see its horses, stables and training rooms. The building of Derkul’sk Stud Farm is unique due to its features. It was built in the Classical style – you’ll notice high arched hallways, halls with very good acoustics, glass cupolas. Japanese arena, a training room for racers, is worth your attention as it was built in a special way.  In the middle of the arena there is a pillar with beams holding the roof – this construction resembles a Japanese umbrella and due to this fact bears such name. The arena’s walls are made of clay to protect horses and trainers from severe frosts and summer heat and its width of 1,5 metres make them more durable. 

After the farm had been built the locals were laid under tribute. To avoid this, they have set the building on fire, after which everything turned into ruins. However, some time later the stud farm was rebuilt and restored. During the Second World War the territory of Derkul’sk Stud Farm remained intact. 

Annual horse races are arranged at Derkul’sk Racetrack. You are well advised to go there in the beginning of May. Horse races, different performances and special shows are organised there on the 9th of May. You’ll have opportunity to enjoy horsemanship and tricks on the rushing horses performed by riders dressed as Cossacks.

To get to Danylivka you should take a bus from Lugans’k station or bus station №2. If you travel by car, you should go from Lugans’k on the road to Millerovo and turn to Bilovods’kyi district, where Derkul’sk Stud Farm is located.

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