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Filling station "Neftek"

Grades of fuel:
95 Ventus
Every Sunday at the gas station Neftek evrotoplivo Ventus Save 20 kopecks / liter! (The calculation of cash). The promotion is valid in the summer of 2011, but many motorists appreciate the advantages of the action "of the day." Number of people willing to fill your gas tank with fuel quality at economical prices increased regularly. Why drivers choose Ventus? There are several reasons: 1 Evrotoplivo «VENTUS» Mazeikiai refinery developed in conjunction with the German company «BASF» and meets the requirements of the European Charter Automotive global automakers. 2 Fuel Ventus meets quality standards Euro 5, which is much stricter regulations on the content of hazardous substances and impurities (in more detail in the table) 3 Tucking car fuel Ventus drivers Note: - the engine runs smoothly and at full capacity; - Improved throttle response and high-speed quality; - Prevent the occurrence of a deposit; - Supported engine cleanliness, fuel and carburetor (injector); - Extended engine life. Note: Ukraine has repeatedly postponed the full transition to fuel quality standards Euro 4 and Euro 5. In particular, the effect of the old standards that meet the requirements of Euro-2 and Euro-3, has been extended at the beginning of July 2011. From 1 January 2012, Ukrainian refineries had to completely switch to standard DSTU 4839: 2007 and DSTU 4840: 2007, meet the requirements of Euro 4 and Euro 5. However, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, January 5, again postponed the full transition to European standards of quality until July 2012. Go to Euro 5 earlier than others. Choose fuel Ventus!


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