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Russian brand OGGI was established in 1998, the year as a brand of women`s clothing. In 2010, the year the brand launched a men`s line and entered the international market, in connection with which changed its name to OODJI. Translated from the Italian OGGI means "today" that reflects the concept of brand - relevance. Mark embodies the most exciting global fashion trends, updated monthly collections, and the prices for clothes remain democratic. The range of the brand is so varied that in stores OGGI / OODJI can always find trend clothes of any style from sporty to classic. Each seasonal collection OGGI offers several colors in a variety of keys. On the creation of new collections OGGI are young St. Petersburg designers in collaboration with Italian and French designers. They study the western fashion industry, working with foreign partners, analyze trends. The company presents: jeans, men`s and women`s suits, all kinds of knitwear, shirts, outerwear, underwear and various accessories. Any consumer preferences are reflected in several lines of the brand (for women - ULTRA and COLLECTION, men - LAB and SELECTION). ULTRA - youth collection for girls who want to always look bright and modern. The collection is designed in line with the latest fashion trends, which can be seen everywhere: in accessories, fabrics, a cut. Interesting T-shirts and tops, stylish jackets and jeans, fashionable dresses and blouses - all variety for the most discerning buyers. COLLECTION - elegant women`s clothing, is relevant in any situation. The collection was created for a wide audience of buyers who prefer discreet noble style. Based on models costume assortment of outerwear and knitwear. Huge selection of all kinds of accessories give the image of the original and finished look. LAB - stylish youth menswear, based on the models of the classic lines (narrow trousers, jackets and shirts with interesting details) and models in casual style with lots of bright, memorable prints, fashion fabrics, unusual solutions in a cut. Collection for young people who prefer different in the vast metropolis and engage the attention of appreciating the freedom movement and are not afraid of experiments. SELECTION - casual and business men`s clothing for confident men. The collection is made in a classic and elegant at the same time, but it contains the latest trends of the season. The basis of the collection - various kinds of suits, shirts and knitwear for work and leisure.

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