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Medical Center "department Kostopolsky Medical Records"

Medical Center

Name of service:

  • Medical examination of drivers (drivers and candidates) vehicle - a form 083 / o.
  • Medchnyy review for permission to obtain weapons - form 127 / o.
  • Review therapist and issue certificates of completion of preventive and psychiatric examination - form 122-2 / O.
  • Overview narcologist and issue a certificate of preventive narcological review - form 140 / o.
  • Medical certificate for swimming pool, sauna and sports sections.
  • Extract the recipe on request - form 028 / o.
  • Melychnyy review and processing of personal health records (OMC) - Form №1-OMC.
  • Pislyareysovoho pre- and examination of drivers.

Address: city Kostopil Str. Rovno 107, 2nd floor.

Phone: +38 (3657) 2-25-63 +38 (068) 8345728.


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