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St Andriy Church

St Andriy Church

In Kiev, is one of its main attractions - St. Andrew's Church. Her colorful and elegant appearance attracts the attention of tourists and residents. The church was built by the famous architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli, and the first stone for its construction was built by the Empress Elizabeth in 1744.


St. Andrew's Church is one of the most striking buildings in the Baroque style, which appeared in the domestic architecture and art in the late 17th - mid 18th centuries. Coming from the west, this style was influenced by local traditions and acquired distinctive national features.


Many travelers for many years did not cease to admire ostentation, picturesque, rich decoration, bright color walls, an abundance of gold and dynamic architectural forms magnificent structure.


Inside the church covers a large cast iron dome, with a diameter of ten meters. From outside the five-domed Andrew's Church is a striking combination of graceful arc with a massive central dome head. Facade of the church is decorated with original cast iron and exquisite stucco.


Go inside the temple. You enchant its magnificent interior, ornate gilded stucco. The main emphasis of the interior decoration of the church is on the iconostasis, which is a monumental three-tier structure. Particularly impressive is the surface of the king's gate, which is artfully covered with a continuous thread lace. Decor adorns the iconostasis sculpture depicting the head of the cherubim, next to it are the figures of angels and trehfigurnaya group personifying the crucifixion of Christ. On the walls purple highlighted cornices, pilasters and carved window apertures having complex shapes and various sizes.


The entire interior is reminiscent of St. Andrew's Church of palace halls and filled with light and elegant shades. Temple never ceases to amaze tourists original design. Bright artistic expression, perfect lines and striking harmony of forms brought the church worldwide fame.


In 1968, St. Andrew's Church was declared a museum. Its main shrine is considered to be imported from Italy, the relics of St. Andrew.


Getting to St. Andrew's Church can be on the subway, you must go to the station "Postal area", then you have to climb up on the funicular and go to Andrew's Descent Three Saints on the street or on the street Vladimir.


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