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Dnipropetrovsk Art College

Dnipropetrovsk Art College

Dnipropetrovsk Art College is situated on Karla Marksa Avenue. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays, its building is an architectural heritage site.

Unique interior, including old staircase, in the style of Art Nouveau has been preserved till present days. You can see a very beautiful hall there. The Administrative Board of Katerynoslav used to sit there.

The building was erected between 1901 and 1903 upon the project of the famous architect Dmitry Skorobohatov. The building resembled a European city hall. According to the architect’s idea, the building should have become the real masterpiece of architecture of that time. It was in harmony with the complicated nature around it. By the time of its creation the building was the tallest in the city. Only churches and factories were taller than it was. Its six towers could be perfectly seen from afar. The building with its rich decorations was built in the style of Viennese Renaissance, which was very popular at those times. Similar buildings of the 20th century could also be found in towns and cities of central and western Europe, that’s why it became a real pride and impersonation of Modernism for Katerynoslav.

The building had three floors. The ground floor was occupied by the City Public Bank, created in 1873. It operated under the Katerynoslav Duma. An accountant department was located on the first floor; a mayor’s office, secretariat, register office, small and large duma halls were situated on the second floor. After the Soviet system had came, the Katerynoslav Duma was liquidated and changed to the Council of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies. Since that time, an executive committee of the Council of People’s Deputies was situated there. Later the committee moved to another building, and in 1944 College of Political Education was opened instead of it. In two years, it was renamed as College for Cultural and Educational Workers Preparation. In 1960, this educational institution was renamed as Cultural Educational College. Since 1991, it is known as Art College.


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Тур «Фестиваль «Покрова на Хортиці», «Кам’яна могила» та Петриківка». На Покрову гайда на козацьку Січ!
Фестиваль «Покрова на Хортиці» – це епіцентр святкувань для нащадків козацтва, потомків славних запоріжців. Він відбувається на легендарному острові Хортиця. Тут подія збирає шанувальників автентичної української культури. Це бойові мистецтва та ігри, народне мистецтво й музика, козацькі військові змагання, а також смачний куліш з ароматними узварами… Все що завгодно, аби тільки ви вдосталь натішилися запорізькою вольницею.
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