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Interpipe Steel

Interpipe Steel

The latest high-tech production plant Interpipe Steel specializes in the creation of seamless pipes for production and transportation of oil and gas products in the industry, pipes for general and special purposes for use in various industries, including engineering and energy industries. 

Been established in the production of electric arc furnace operation, making it possible to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, as well as a significant reduction in natural gas consumption throughout the Dnipropetrovsk region.
The introduction of such a technologically unique project was a significant event for Ukraine and the CIS countries, an important step in the development of the pipe industry. In all the years of independence Interpipe Steel is the first plant, which was built "from scratch". It was created more than 600 new jobs. Major investment projects cost factory owner Viktor Pinchuk in more than 700 million dollars.
Modern design steel plant also will take as its production. Territory plant decorated installation and drawings by renowned Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. Time tunnel at the entrance to the plant, colorful icon, mirrored corridor - all these works the artist everyone can see, because the company manufacturing practices or industrial tourism. On its territory there are guided tours, during which you can learn more about the creation of the plant, the manufacturing process and plans for the future. Special attention is given artificial sun - another object of art by Olafur. "Dnepropetrovsk rise" can be seen from different points of the city, with a particularly spectacular artificial sun looks over the evening and morning Dnepropetrovsk.
Those wishing to visit the absolutely free tours Interpipe Steel, the company provides special transport. You may enroll by phone: +380 56 736 86 06.

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