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Myrhorod Puddle Pond

Myrhorod Puddle Pond

The most famous in the world is puddle in Poltava, in Myrgorod. She became famous in the centuries thanks to writer Nikolai Gogol. "Lovely pool!" - He admired in "The Tale of How Ivan Ivanovich quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovich". With a light hand Gogol puddle on the entire area, or rather lovely pond, has become one of the main attractions of Mirgorod. The pool is the perfect place for a stroll. In the pond live swans, and nearby is the Church of the Assumption.

In 2009, near the pond erected a monument to Gogol in honor of his 200th birthday. And on the shore pools installed sculptures of heroes Gogol`s works. Among them is a pig - where she has to lie, but in a large puddle? Here and Vakula, who gives his lover Oksana slippers, and Pot-bellied Patsyuk and tricky Solokha and boastful Khlestakov. Come to Myrgorod - and you get to know them better.

Near the village is Mirgorod Gogolevo where passed his childhood the writer, not far from here to the place where he was born - Mhar, which is held annually Sorochinskaya Fair.

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