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Kurortny Park

Kurortny Park

Morshyn - a small town, lying on the banks of the river Bereznitsa, set in lush mountain forests. He has long been famous for its spas: rest here every year thousands of tourists. Visiting the resort town, you can not only heal, but also enjoy hiking on the forest area, which prostilaetsya for several kilometers.

Be sure to visit the resort in the city park located in the center of Morshyn. You will see the sculptures made ​​in antique style, neat flower beds and arbors, cozy cafes where you can have a great time in good company. In the heart of the park is the main city pump room - "Fungus" . His image can be found on the logos healing mineral water Morshyn. Nearby are other interesting sights. For example, the source of "Our Lady" or Spa clinic.

By the way, the authorities decided to take up the reconstruction of the spa park and attracted funds for this purpose the European Union. The plans - improvement, modernization of the lighting system and installation of a modern playground.

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