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Osten-Saken Estate

Osten-Saken Estate

Near Kiev, in the village of Myrotske, is the mansion Osten-Sacken. The estate was built in the 19th century by Count Carl Saken. However, after a series of historical events the estate passed into the possession of another owner - Count Vorontsov-Dashkov.

Manor meet the basic requirements of the Romantic era. This elegant two-storey building made of stone. At the entrance set Ionic columns. The estate is surrounded by lilac bushes, and in the coniferous park is a pond. I have the feeling that this is the estate was described in many works of writers of those times.

The history of the estate is very rich. House remembers and sumptuous balls, which brings together the nobles, and the looting of the Soviet era, and the indifference of modern authorities. The most terrible blow to the estate became a fire that nearly destroyed the entire building to its former glory. Today the manor placed at the disposal of the local church.

Despite this, the estate is a popular destination among tourists. Dozens of people come here in search of something her, and maybe hoping to see one of the ghosts, who, according to legend, lived here. To get to the manor Osten-Sacken, you should take a bus to the village Nemeshaevo, and then go on foot.


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