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Thermal pool Lark

Thermal pool Lark

Pool "Skylark" was created in 2011 in a very nice town Beregove that in Transcarpathia. He is part of the hotel-restaurant complex "Skylark". Beregove city famous for its hot medicinal waters with high mineral content.

This gated pool, which covers 160 sq.m. and simultaneously accommodate 80 people. The average temperature of the pool water 30-33 degrees. Also located on site are 2 waterfalls, water jets and a geyser, a jacuzzi, where the water is heated to 42-45 degrees. The interior is done in the style of ancient Roman baths. In 2013 he opened the outdoor swimming pool and the beach. The new pool is divided by a partition on children and adults, water is also thermal.

Many who have visited here, they want to visit this place again. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of a good time, healing the body and soul.

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