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Granite outcrop, Bohuslav

Granite outcrop, Bohuslav

Near the capital of Ukraine is a small town Bohuslav, founded in 1032 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise. The town stands on the river Ros, which for thousands of years to make their way through the solid rock, forming a picturesque granite coast.

It was here that the famous natural monument - a granite outcrop Boguslawska, or so-called granite "pit." If the area of ​​Yaroslav the Wise move down, following the river Ros, is about a kilometer away you can watch the spectacular granite boulders. Scientists suggest that the age of these rocks reaches 2 billion years. Chaotically scattered boulders form a granite island, lapped by the two arms of Rosie. The cliffs of red and gray granite reach a height of 10-12 m and form the canyon 1.5 km. Here all the time, you can watch the picturesque rapids, including a deep soaking tub, the same "hole". If the weather permits, you can swim in it, although the swimming pool is not the only one of its kind. In fact, the "holes" are three and they are close to each other at a distance of approximately 100 meters.

Some locals call Boguslawska granite outcrop place of power. Many of those who visited this place, felt a surge of positive emotions: dissolve in water like all the experiences and problems man finds inner peace and joy. Bohuslav is a great place to relax, where you can rejuvenate in just a couple of days.

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