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Hall, Terebovl

Hall, Terebovl

Like many cities in Western Ukraine   Terebovlya , which is located in the Ternopil region, there is the town hall. The exact date of its construction is not preserved, it is only known that it built in the 18th century. Inside the hall, first the residence of the governor, and then the Polish school, located in the walls of the building until 1890. It is known that during the First World War, the town hall premises was completely destroyed. After a few years after the war, the building was restored, but with a clock tower. Now Terebovlya town hall - a two-storey building with a clock on the tower, which was restored in 1970.

On the tower is an observation deck, through which tourists and visitors can explore the Terebovl from a height. On the roof you can see a weather vane in the form of the coat of arms and the core on the facade of the building, it was discovered in the fortress. Nowadays, the town hall is the city administration. Once inside, you will see on the walls   letters, dating from 1660 is still a year   privileges, and one of the oldest maps of the city.

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