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Kumpel Tour

Kumpel Tour

Archaeologists claim that the city of Lviv was inhabited as early as the 5th century. In the 21st recognized by many travel companies as one of the best places in the world that every tourist should visit.

Imagine what history hides the city of lions? Do you think that you are capable of familiarizing yourself with the lions? Hardly. Do not rely on our own strength, rather Trust the professionals!

"Kumpel Tour" offers tours of Lviv, which overturn your ideas about ancient and modern city.

Invites you to enjoy the best guides, variety of tours - from pubs and catering to romantic and night, various theatrical tours, holiday tours and Biking.

Choose one of the offered tours according to your taste and you will get acquainted with the culture batjars; help carry the city mayor Night Watch; visit the places where ordinary tourists do not have access; learn to speak Galician language, get special visa Lviv beer, and many unforgettable experiences and many pleasant moments with friends ...

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