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Hall, Storozhynets

Hall, Storozhynets

Storozhinets Town Hall - a symbol of the city, located in the central part of it. Included in the number of monuments of local importance. He lined it was in 1905. For its size it is considered the second largest hall in Bukovina, only slightly behind the Chernivtsi. Do not forget about the architectural appeal of the building, because the beauty of the finish used it can be easily included in the top five town hall area.

Architecture Storozhynetska Hall

When building was used by the architectural style of Art Nouveau. At the town hall two floors, covered with red tiles. Home decoration - bunk Tower, which at the level of the fourth floor there are a clock with four dials. The main attraction of the second level of the tower - an observation deck, which leads to a steep staircase. Completion of the architectural composition is a decorative cupola with a lantern and a spire.

Throughout most of its existence in the town hall has always housed the local authorities, these days there is a city council Storozhinets.

How to get to the town hall in Storozhinets

City Hall is located on the corner and Grushevskogo Khmelnitsky, to the west of Central Park Storozhinets. The city itself is located 25 km south-west of Chernivtsi. You can get here on a commuter bus traveling along the route Chernivtsi - Storozhinets.


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