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Trinity Church, Begach

Trinity Church, Begach

The village Bihach Mena district, Chernihiv region is Trinity Church. It was built in 1831 from local landowners Keykuatovyh. It was in spring 1847 they visited Taras Shevchenko. Bihach writer recalled in a letter to his friend Andrew Lizogub.

Features of the house

Trinity Church in Bihachi built in the classical style. The wooden and stone structure combines elements together. Unfortunately, the church has not survived to this day in its original form. Lost an open gallery and belfry, which adjoined the temple.

Trinity Church - dome and rectangular. The main feature of the church is the portico (covered gallery, which is based on overlapping columns) Tuscan order with triangular gables, which is located at the northern, southern and western walls.

The feature of the interior of the temple is bunk openings in the western wall, on which are placed choruses.

How to get to church

Bihach village located 46 kilometers from Chernigov . Three times a day from Chernihiv AS №3 (str. 50 years of the USSR, 5; tel. (04622) 3-70-97) Bihacha sent to the bus.

If traveling by own car, you need to go to the R12 highway town Berezna and turn in the direction of Bihach.

Trinity Church is the street October.


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