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Rusalka Spring

Rusalka Spring

Healing spring "Mermaid" is in the village Kolochava Transcarpathian region. Leaving aside Kolochava Tyachev , your look will be presented with a sculpture of a mermaid source.

The unique beneficial properties of the mineral water source "Mermaid" was known in 1876. This mineral water is curative used in the treatment of patients after intensive treatment, as well as disease arthritis, acute pancreatitis, burns and eliminates the symptoms as intoxication endogenous.

Located on the territory of this source   National Park "Synevir" .   Type of water source - Malkinskiy (Kamchatka), common only in Kamchatka. The air in this area is fresh, light and clean, it is filled with the scent of pine needles. Because of the presence of the mountain range not far from the source, you can see the rocky landscapes placers.

By visiting this healing power in May,   you have every chance to see the natural field of narcissus uzkolistogo,   that grow in the valley. Bring a camera to capture the beautiful views and flower fields, located in the vicinity of the source of "Mermaid".


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