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Antique Car Museum Time Machine, Dnepropetrovsk

Antique Car Museum Time Machine, Dnepropetrovsk

Brand new conceptual museum of vintage cars "Time Machine" pleases tourists Dnepropetrovsk and fans of the original pastime. Today, the museum has collected about 30 copies of ancient models of cars. Basically, it exhibits the Soviet era, including the exhibition "Autosport."

Directly at the museum you will find a real street 70, where you can meet not only the exclusive cars, and street lights, a telephone booth, and even the old dispenser! Here, everything is left to chance: from the ancient hatch of the 19th century to the vintage trucks.

A big plus to the museum - themed cafe where you can eat delicious and satisfying, or as seen discuss with friends over coffee. The organization of celebrations and events. Also, you should definitely take with me some souvenirs purchased at the store, which is located here.

The creator of the museum - Mikhail Prudnikov, collector Oldtimers, 15 years was the creation of your dreams. And today, in the street Mandrykovskaya 44, you have the opportunity to plunge into the world of old luxury cars. Such a visit will appeal to both adults and children.

Learn more about time travel in the museum of vintage cars is available here .

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Antique Auto Museum opened in Dnepropetrovsk
Dnepropetrovsk replenish their ranks a new attraction: the street Mandrykovskaya museum was opened, which is called "Time Machine". It presents retroavtomobili various spheres of activity and just beautiful old cars, the number of which at the time of opening of the museum was about 30...
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