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The Holy Virgin church, Dnepropetrovsk

The Holy Virgin church, Dnepropetrovsk

Holy Protection Church consecrated 4 November 1794 in the village of Taromskoe in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Attracted by its extraordinary architectural beauty. Church of the poor of the antiquities, but has two church-service books and sacred icons.

The history of the construction of the temple

The end of 1791 is the year of the beginning of building a single temple for the residents of the village Taromskogo. In 1794, the temple was built, but in 1890 he was going through the fire. In 1894, the restoration was carried out in the Holy Protection Church opened the first parish school. October 1905 marked the beginning of the rebuilding of the temple. But in 1936 it was closed and transferred to the granary. There is a reorganization of the Church of the Intercession of the Virgin 1902-1905 period. Then the temple began to reconstruct the 300-year anniversary Taromskogo settlement and exit by 2005. Today, you can admire the restored church with bright blue walls.

Patrimony of the Holy Protection Church

Home icon temple - Protection of the Mother of God. She is a beloved icon of the Zaporozhye Cossacks. With it, they went to distant difficult hikes. In her honor it was erected not one church and a monastery. The icon depicts the Virgin standing with arms outstretched, which holds the veil (omophorion). It is believed that the Mother of God protects all those who honor it.

How to find the Holy Protection Church

The village is located almost Taromskoe city Dnepropetrovsk for residential arrays "Sail". On the streets of Remembrance 65 housed a beautiful architectural structure of the Holy Protection Church.


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