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Art Gallery Telega

Art Gallery Telega

Art gallery on Korolenko in Dnepropetrovsk was opened in March 2011 as a gallery of modern art.

The purpose of the gallery - cultural enrich hometown, to create a place where every visitor to develop spiritually and discover something new.

Not stopping there, moving with the times and creative directions, in 2013, the gallery has changed its name and concept.

In the collection of the gallery «TELEGA» you find yourself working for a different character and direction. You will be amazed a huge selection of paintings, as an art exhibition is constantly growing and is updated regularly. The collection of paintings gallery «TELEGA» includes magnificent works performed by professional artists such as Michael Kokin, Vladimir Zhugan Peter Magro, Vyacheslav Hove, Gregory Zorik, Anatoly Zhezher Vladimir Atlantean Nicholas stockings.

Exposure changes every month, the main selection criterion - a high level of works by artists. A favorite picture in the exhibition or in our collection can be purchased. Gallery staff assisted in the formation of private collections, the selection of exclusive gifts.


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