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Lake Dead (Crane), Kamenka

Lake Dead (Crane), Kamenka

Ukrainian Carpathians - an amazing place. Come here to climb the mountains, enjoy the beautiful nature. Also, many people go in search of mystery which shrouded mountains. In the National Park "Skole Beskids" is one mysterious place - Cranberry Lake, which is called dead.

This lake is the calling card of the village of Kamenka, Lviv region. Be prepared for the fact that this lake you pokatayetes on a catamaran on the shore or sell barbecue and you likely will swim in it. It looks just like 200 years ago. But to him like a magnet draws people from all over Ukraine.

Legends and mysteries of the Dead Lake

There are several legends related to the name of the lake.

  • Cranberry Lake, because the banks still grew healthy and tasty berry cranberries. This area has never been populated, so loved by the lake twist their nests cranes.
  • According to legend, there still were impassable place and not one person committed suicide here with her life. Perhaps this is not too pleasant fact also gave rise to the name of the lake.

Called dead because there is nothing living. The fact is that due to the constant process of decay in the lake formed hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. Because of this, water in the lake black, gas rises up and forms bubbles. An exciting sight! Coniferous forest lake cranberry adds even more mystical. The area around ponds and marshy overgrown with moss.

One of the greatest mysteries of water - no one knows its true depth. We know that it is deep, but no precise data. There is a lot of wooden logs and hillyak. Special is also the island of Cranberry Lake. The point is that it ... floating! This is actually intertwined roots of trees and plants.

"Skole Beskids" attracted the attention of not only the dead lake. Not far away on the mountain are key ancient and unique stones. Also worth visiting Kamianka waterfall.

Where to stay by the lake

Carpathian nature is beautiful in any season. Lovers of outdoor activities here will do. You can break a tent or spend the night in the tourist shelter, which is located on the road to Kamianka waterfall. If you primarily important comfort can settle in local hotels.

How to get

The distance from Kyiv to Skole - 651 km. Best to go by car on the highway Kyiv - Chop. Before reaching the town of Skole, is to return to the village Dubina. You can also reach by train Kharkov - Uzhgorod, Kyiv - Uzhgorod, Kyiv - Chop and get to Skole. With the city can get to your destination shuttle or train from the suburban railway station.

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