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Lviv General Tour

(Under the order)

Tour from: L'viv

Tour to: L'viv

Lviv is an old and magnificent city and it takes more than a week to explore it, but I will try to give you a really good overview for the few hours. 

We will take a voyage to the very beginning of its existence, see its multicultural history and how Lviv became what it's now. 

It's hard to believe now but many nations inhabited the Medieval Lviv - Ruthenians (modern Ukrainians), Germans, Polish, Jews, Armenians, Tatars, Karaims, and even Muslims. Lviv was a small model of today's multicultural Europe. 

And we will try to rediscover and unveil the mysteries of such a rich history and how it changed and developed. 

But what is more important - we will see the city's past and modern life from inside - we will visit courtyards, walk local paths (not crowded and touristic)

We will visit many other unique places and you will see the 

Tour program:

День 1

We start at Old Rynok Square

Rynok Square, Lviv

The price includes:

Tailored route

The price does not include:


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