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Centre of Folk Art «Petrykivka»

Centre of Folk Art «Petrykivka»

Ancient paintings, amulets and ornaments that have passed through the millennia - these unique works of art can be found in the village Petrikovka that the Dnipropetrovsk region.

These tourists come to see in the stunning beauty of art. It is in the building "Petrikovka" Center of folk art are the best exhibits and workshops Petrykivka painting.

History center

The history of the museum begins in 1991. AA Pikush in those difficult times for creativity was the organizer and leader of the center. With iron will, Andrei kept the course of prosperity of original art - paintings Petrykivka.

With the development of the young masters of the country could pose CSI "Petrikovka" and painting techniques in Poland, Germany, France, Canada, USA, Japan and other countries. Since the 2000s, art exhibitions were held in the cities of Ukraine and cultural centers abroad.

December 5, 2013, UNESCO made Petrikov painting on the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This event was preceded by an exhibition of over 250 works in 50 countries, which began in the European Parliament building in Brussels.

Collection "Petrikovka" Museum

Folk Art Center "Petrikovka" represents the work of 40 renowned artists unique mural. Some of them are the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, and even are the winners of creative competitions in Ukraine and abroad.

Inside the museum create a unique work and the whole series of copyright works using different techniques on different materials. Turning, carpentry and crafts wood carving high quality are approximately 200 types of items, including:

  • dishes;
  • barrels and jars;
  • vases, jewelry boxes;
  • Kids toys;
  • Liquor and wine gift baskets;
  • Eggs;
  • tables;
  • chests and more.

"Petrikovka» Wizards for their products using environmentally friendly materials: wood basswood, alder and birch, which buy in Poltava and Sumy regions. Each artist for each work develops an original drawing that never again repeated. Also use this technique to create works on ceramics, canvas and murals in architecture. The mural prefer images of plants, at least - the animals characteristic of the area.

The art workshops have the opportunity to visit and take part in workshops for adults and children, and in the exhibition hall, you can order a tour or visit the exhibition independently.

How to get there

Centre of Folk Art "Petrikovka" located in the village Petrikovka on Lenin Street, 65.

If you drive a car, then Petrikovka can be reached by road of regional significance R-52 (Dnipropetrovsk - Tsarichanka - Kobelyaki - Reshetilovka), moving along the main road, turn right towards the center of the village, then at the intersection of Lenin Street will be a center of folk art "Petrikovka". The distance is about 55 km away.

If you ride the bus, you can reach from the bus station in Dnepropetrovsk and Dneprodzerzhinsk .

Hours: weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00, at the weekend - by prior arrangement.


  • for children - 15 UAH;
  • for adults - 20 UAH;
  • Master Class - 30-40 UAH.

Phone: +38 (05634) 222-70.

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Свадьба в Петриковке
Наконец мы едем в Петриковку! Совсем недавно Петриковская роспись была включена в список ЮНЕСКО. Вот и мы решили поехать посмотреть, и даже сами попробуем нарисовать это чудо!Мы побываем в Петриковском этнографическом музее. После экскурсии и знакомства с историей развития Петриковку вас ждет самое настоящее украинская свадьба! Какие традиции и обряды сопровождали этот праздник в прошлых веках? Как выглядела свадебная одежда наших бабушек и дедушек? В необычном музее свадьбы вы не только услышите увлекательный рассказ, но и испытаете все на себе!
Экскурсия в Петриковку на Покрову из Днепра
Поехали к Петриковка на Покров! Вирушаемо Уже 14 октября. Нас ждет знакомство с самобытной народное искусство - Петриковская роспись. Посмотрим Уникальные образцы в центре народного творчества, узнаем секреты рисования и пообщаемся с умильцями.И видправимося в Славные Казацкие времена! На этно-хуторе нас встретят Хозяева С рюмкой и караваем, проведут экскурсию, вкусно накормят. А казаки подарят гостям свой Мастерская боевой Выступление.
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