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Hall, Vyzhnytsia

Hall, Vyzhnytsia

In the center of Vizhnitsa, located at Market Square is truly one of the main attractions of the city - the Town Hall. The building dates from the early 20th century. A small two-story building is the pivot in building Bukovina town.

The architecture and history of the town hall in Vizhnica

Vizhnitsky Town Hall was built in classical style and has the shape of the letter "P". The building`s architecture combines the moderate and functional features. The building has two floors and its only decoration is considered to be five add-ons, which are to simulate the third floor. Also attracted the attention of decorative octagonal cupola decorated with onion dome.

Since its construction and up to now there has only local governments.

  1. During the reign of the Austro-Hungarian Empire - the magistrate;
  2. During the Romanian occupation - the mayor`s office;
  3. In 1918-1920-ies - the county government;
  4. After Ukraine gained independence - the State Treasury;
  5. Today - City Court.

How to get to the town hall in Vizhnica

Vizhnitsa City is located 70 km west of Chernivtsi. It stands on the river Cheremosh. You can get here on a suburban road and rail transport from the city center, or else by car. The city ride taxis, will be a reference point for tourists - Market Square.

Nearby Attractions

Today, the area around the town hall divided city park, paved walkways, benches installed. Before the town hall is a monument to the famous Austrian Parliament deputy, the head of the popular uprisings in the years 1843-1849 - Lukyan mare. The park is open urban monument to Taras Shevchenko.

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