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Literary Museum. Miroslav Irchan

Literary Museum. Miroslav Irchan

Ukrainian land is rich in outstanding poets, writers and public figures. Almost every corner boasts its genius. Was no exception Pyadiki small village located not far from Coloma - the birthplace of the famous Ukrainian poet, essayist, playwright, historian and writer Miroslav Irchan. The name of his illustrious countryman locals perpetuated in the name of the Literary Museum.

The three rooms of the museum are more than hundreds of exhibits on the life and work of Miroslav Irchan. You can find his pictures, translations, literary publications, and more.

For a long time his works were banned. After all, the fate of the talented Ukrainian leader was not easy. For ten years he spent in concentration camps, and in 1937 on the orders of the NKVD was shot. After 20 years, Miroslav Irchan rehabilitated. Shortly thereafter, in 1962, on his home ground opened a museum dedicated to the Ukrainian poet.

How to get there

From Kolomyya to submit Pyadikov hand - only 6 km. To get a better personal transport. If you are going to ride the bus, the first of Coloma need to get to the village Lanchin, and then take a bus to Pyadikov.


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