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Recreational Anniversary, Meadow

Recreational Anniversary, Meadow

Recreation center "Jubilee" is located in the village of Meadow Mykolaiv region. The beach is 150 meters. The base is located far away from noisy places and allows escape from the city, breath of fresh air. The territory of the base is equipped with playgrounds and sports areas, so that fans of active rest will do.

camp sites "Jubilee" Services

The recreation center offers a range of services that are included in the price or charged separately:

  • children`s play area and swing;
  • football field;
  • parking;
  • BBQ;
  • shower with hot water;
  • arbor;
  • bar;
  • disco;
  • a cafe;
  • gym;
  • water attractions;
  • Three meals a day;
  • fridge.

The base is equipped with its own restaurant.

Non-holiday base

Boarding-house offers accommodation in houses made of wood for 2-4 guests or brick buildings, designed for 2-5 people. In this room are divided by categories:

  • "Economy" - living in the house, shower and toilet - on the territory;
  • "Standard" - stay in the second building, the toilet is in the room, shower - in the territory;
  • "Improved standard" - accommodation in the first building, shower and toilet is in the room.

Cost of living: accommodation in a double room "economy" will make 160 UAH. The 3-bed room "standard" price for accommodation - 300 UAH. In the houses without conveniences - from 150 UAH. And for four "improved standard" will have to pay 480 USD.

Hostels Phone: +38 (050) 289-43-12, +38 (097) 229-68-28, +38 (096) 463-77-93.

How to get to the camp "Jubilee"

The recreation center is located in the village of Meadow Berezan district. To get to the hostel can be of Nikolaev on the highway M14, the road will take 1 hour and 30 minutes. From Odessa to go to Meadow on the highway M14, after turning on Koblevo and get to the resort village, following the road signs. By public transport it is necessary to get to the village Sychevka from which a taxi ride to the tourist center.


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