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Kherson region, Ukraine

Sunny, blooming, fragrant, tasty, healthful, sea, friendly, generous - all these epithets are figuratively define such a great port city as Kherson, which is the administrative center of the Kherson region and located in the steppe zone of Ukraine, and on both banks of the Dnieper and has washed the Black and Azov Seas. Generous southern sun gives this land luscious berries, ranging from cherries, strawberries and completing different varieties of grapes. A Kherson watermelons giant for its taste and medicinal properties known to almost the whole world. The air is so saturated with the scent of steppe grasses, heady, mesmerizing. And how much is natural and artificial reservoirs, rich in fish and crayfish! But as they say, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. So choose a holiday in Kherson, which you will be greeted with a friendly smile sunny sweet flavor of peaches, apricots and delicate, rosy apples, delicious strawberries and grapes miracle.


Having tried gifts of nature warm and sincere Kherson, we can complete by traveling streets that remain secret, and each will tell you about some interesting events that took place here. So the offer to visit Catherine's Cathedral, whose history is inseparable from the history of the city's founding. After city of Kherson was founded on the southern border of the Russian Empire as a defensive item. By order of the Governor-General Potemkin here and built a stone church.   


Walk down the main street of Kherson also called Suvorov. Back in 18-19 centuries it housed the first colonists built Greeks Greek suburb, which was full of different shops, manufactories and enterprises. But the atmosphere here in a thousand years did not change, because today it's noisy, lively street with many cafeterias, entertainment, businesses, and is a favorite holiday destination Kherson residents. By the way, on this street, in the house number first housed the headquarters of the famous commander Suvorov.


Heading to the Embankment, at the prospect of Ushakov before you face the majestic monument shipbuilders, which is a symbol of Kherson. Under the guidance of naval commander, Admiral Ushakov in 1784 were built ships. In place of the shipyard where built the first ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, and was built this monument. Thus, the beginning of the planned construction of warships was building the first 66-gun ship "Holy Catherine." Interesting is the fact that it is in Kherson laid the foundation of modern shipbuilding representative family of French immigrants Vadonom Eugene. He founded the Iron Foundry and Mechanical Plant, which during the Crimean War, built boats and barges, and - shipyard.


But I must say that Kherson - is not only a place of historical events. This kind of blessed place on the map   where you can take a romantic journey, feeling the breath of nature. Unique and rich forest fund is Kherson that represented protected objects Botanical Garden Kherson State Pedagogical University Park Kherson State Agrarian University and others.


A great place to rest and productive work is a business hotel "Stagecoach", located in the heart of the city. And also you can stay relax in the hotel   "Meridian", which offers great views of the river Dnepr.


The friendly and sunny Kherson find rest for every taste. A high blue sky and generous cheerful sun, a quiet surge in Dnipro floodplain will give you a good mood, good health and energy for the whole year!




Administrative division — Kherson region

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News Kherson region

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У заповіднику Асканія-Нова на Херсонщині заборонили популярні екскурсії «Ретрофотосафарі» в кінних екіпажах і на автомобілях. Це викликано змінами в законодавстві про охорону дикої флори і фауни згідно з європейськими зразками. Раніше під час сафарі в степу можна було наблизитися до диких тварин.
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Dedicated its opening 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine. From now on - is another highlight tourist town on the Black Sea.

Events Kherson region

Ліга Сміху, Концерт команд «Дніпро», «ВКВ», «Прозрачний Гонщик»
31.03.2020 19:00
Вони зібрались, щоб покорити всесвіт і північ України. Вони будуть намагатися бути серйозними і лише вам вирішувати, сміятися з них чи ні. Справжні чемпіони найрентинговішого гумористичного шоу на телебаченні «Ліга Сміху»: Команди «Прозрачний Гонщик», «Дніпро» та «Ветерани космічних військ».

Tours and excursions Kherson region

Азов из Харькова 2019. Гостиничный комплекс
Гостиничный комплекс «Аист» приглашает вас провести свой летний отдых 2019  на побережье Азовского моря! Азовское море 2019! Акция раннего бронирования! "Аист" расположен вблизи горячего источника с соленой йодированной водой, на самом берегу моря, которое видно из окон номеров, здесь можно прекрасно отдохнуть, поправить здоровье и набраться энергии и сил. Арабатская стрелка - один из самых протяженных песчаных пляжей мира, длинная коса, отделяющая само море от Сивашского залива. Сам же курорт Арабатская стрела отмежевывается от материка узким Геническим проливом. Сочетание лечебных свойств воздуха с особенностями моря делают этот курорт особо привлекательным для отдыха и оздоровления как детей, так и взрослых.
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