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Horlivka, Yasynuvats'kyi district

Gorlovka - a small town of regional significance in the Donetsk region. Arriving at the city railway station that you will see is religious building construction in 1905 - Nicholas Cathedral. It is on the street in front of Vostrukhin railways. This Orthodox stone temple is the main religious institution not only Horlivka, and Donetsk. This is one of the most beautiful shrines of the city. Nicholas Cathedral impresses with its harmonious design and architectural features. The building has one large dome and five smaller ones, as well - the bell tower. Go inside the temple. Here you will see the golden iconostasis paintings with images of saints hanging on the painted walls of the cathedral. In Nicholas Cathedral regularly held worship and delivered the ancient relics.


After visiting the temple Gorlovka, walking down the street Internatsionalnaya, you get to Victory Avenue, where there is a monument to the founder of the city engineer Peter guttural. This man first discovered rich coal deposits of Donbass. Thanks to him, opened coal mines and built the railway line, which helped the city to get the rapid economic development.


At the corner of Gorky and Pushkin Museum of History Gorlovka. It represents 32,000 exhibits and 9 exhibition halls. The most valuable of the exhibit is an ancient statue of the Scythian culture 6.5 century BC, and Saltovskiy female statue, the Iron Age and the will of the descendants of the city's founder Peter Gorlov. In the halls of the history Horlivka "Legends of the city" and to show to the memory of the soldiers' Scorched Afghanistan. " In history museums Horlivka conducted research projects and conferences aimed at the development of social and cultural life of the city.


After going one block on Pushkin Street, you will see the Art Museum, which has a valuable collection of paintings by the great artist Nicholas Roerich. In addition to the Art Museum Horlivka you can enjoy drawings, works of decorative art, paintings and sculptures.


According to Komsomolskaya street go up to the Victory Square. At the intersection of Herzen and Victory Avenue is a unique museum of miniature books after Vladimir Razumov. Collection of 8,000 miniature books developed and designed himself a civil engineer Vladimir Razumov. The smallest size is an instance of a poppy seed, and the largest of about 100 millimeters. However, there is less. For example, of micro works of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin is 60 times smaller than a poppy seed. In addition to books there is miniatures presented on equine and human hair.


Another interesting attraction is the Museum of Cosmonauts Volkov. Father - Alexander Volkov and son - Vladislav Volkov were the first Ukrainian space dynasty. Exhibit dedicated to their achievements, is in high school № 25 in the street Oleneva. To visit the Space Museum, go up to the Lenin Avenue. From there, go in the direction of taxis Building residential community where the school is located.


Get to Gorlovka you from Donetsk bus, which departs regularly from the city's bus station. Also, in all the major cities are direct trains to pass or Gorlovka.

Tours and excursions Horlivka

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Other inhabited localities, Yasynuvats'kyi district
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