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Museum of miniature books

Museum of miniature books

Amazing miniature book museum located in the small town Gorlovka Donetsk region. This is Europe's only museum that not only demonstrates printing talents dozen generations of publishers, but also tells an interesting story of a miniature book publishing in Ukraine and abroad. His collection includes over 8,500 exhibits, including - mini and mikroknyhy issued in 57 countries, 103 languages. The size of these exhibits are impressive!


Gorlovsky museum miniature books named famous collector Benjamin Razumov, who after his death bequeathed all collected over many years exhibits hometown Gorlovka. In 1987, his countrymen collector laid in his apartment a small museum, which soon acquired the status of municipality, in 10 years - the state. And in 2001, the unique collection of exhibits provided a new building in which it remains to this day.


The most amazing exhibit museum visitors called book-mote. Its size is 60 times smaller than a poppy seed, and the pages - two famous poems by Russian poet Alexander Pushkin: "grace-cup" and "Adele." Equally impressive is the ancient miniature books of works by Francesco Petrarch, Horace "Favorites" and unusual sizes infant Encyclopedia of the late 19th century. Particular attention is attracted by reference and educational literature. Yes, the museum is a dictionary size 30x40 mm, leather bound, textbooks on geography and grammar of the early 19th century size 46h33 mm, the original samples of children's books from 15 countries. Museum guards issued Munich publishing house «Waldman und Phitzner» mikroknyhy "Liberty Bell", "Our Father," "The Olympic oath", "I love you" size of a cell notebook. You will see in the museum also mikroknyhu size 3x1 mm piece of Sergei Yesenin "For month window ...". Additionally, along with thousands of small masterpieces Gorlivskyi museum miniature book contains a unique handwritten prayer 15th century. Researchers argue that they are written dead Ethiopian language on parchment.


Get to Gorlovskogo state museum of miniature books is quite simple. It is located in the Donetsk region Gorlovka Victory Avenue, 57.



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