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Nature reserves Kyiv (Kiev) region

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Dneprovsko-Teterevsky reserve
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с. Сухолуччя 07361, Вишгородський р-н, Київська обл., Україна
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Dnieper-Teterivska forest hunting economy, which demonstrates the real landscapes of Polesie, a unique nature reserve in the Kyiv region. Its total area is about 37,900 hectares. If we talk about the flora of the reserve, it consists of pine, oak, aspen and birch forests. Its fauna is the dream of ...
Kyiliv Askaniya
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вул. Лісова 6, с. Кийлів, Бориспільський р-н, Київська обл., Україна
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Reserve farm "Kiylovskaya Ascania" is located in the beautiful scenic area of the Kiev region. The farm is located away from the large highways and bustling cities, so there is a special atmosphere of peace and tranquility. On all sides of her stretched a dense forest, an area of ​​not less than a ...
Zalissia State Residence
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с. Богданівка, Броварський район, Київська область, Україна
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Until 2014, the residence "Zalesye" was only available to senior officials of the then Soviet Union, and later of the independent Ukraine. Today, the unique natural attraction can be visited as part of tour of the reserve. In 1957 Brovarskom area near the village Zalesye was based Zalesskoye ...
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