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Svityaz Lake

Svityaz lake

In the north-west of Ukraine, over two hundred lakes scattered like beads, and each is unique! The most famous is near the town of Shatsk in Volhynia Polissya, a large swampy area, – an incredibly beautiful lake Svityaz, which together with other nearby lakes is a part of Shatsk National Nature Park.


It is the largest and deepest lake in Ukraine. In some places it reaches the depth of 58 meters and covers an area of over 2600 hectares. An average depth of the lake is about seven meters; however its coastal zone is shallow, thereby water warms very quickly at such places. You’ll have to overcome more than a hundred meters to get breast-deep places. Many guest houses, resorts and recreation centres that are perfect for families with children, as well as for loving couples or friends, are located on the coast.


Artesian springs feed Svityaz. The water is saturated with hydrocarbonate-calcium and slightly mineralized – you can drink it. The water is so clear and pure that the bottom can be seen at a depth of seven meters. This is a great place for diving. You can rent equipment in one of resorts and dive with an experienced instructor into the clear waters of Svityaz, where you can see its underwater inhabitants: perch, pike, eels, roach, carp, catfish, and many others.


Nature of Shatsk Park is unique and rich – you can find more than eight hundred species of plants. Forest areas are inhabited by rabbits, deer, moose, newts, and otters, badgers, etc. You will be able to eat blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries. Gathered mushrooms in the woods will be tasty cooked according to the best traditions of Ukrainian cuisine by local chefs. One of the most favourite things the Ukrainians like doing on the nature is cooking shashlyk – barbeque of meat, which you’ll have opportunity to sample in specially built pavilions located in the recreation areas. Everything you might need, from rugs to kitchen utensils, you can get in your boarding house. You’ll fall in love with romantic Volhynian sunset to the accompaniment of guitar.


Those who are fond of fishing consider it as a paradise. All you need is to ask of park rangers for a map, where permitted fishing grounds are marked and maybe you catch the delicacy of Svityaz – an eel. But if you have bad luck in fishing, do not be upset as kolyba, local Ukrainian restaurant, will offer you fish for every taste: roasted, grilled, with sour cream etc.


Svityaz is a romantic lake with an island of lovers in the middle. According to one of legends, in the castle on the lake the prince Tugan used to live. One day enemies attacked adjacent lands and prince Mindovg called Tugan for help. Tugan and his army took the field, leaving their home, women, children and elderly without protection. Tugan left his beloved daughter in the castle too. And when he had left the town, it was attacked by enemy forces during the night. The young princess begged so the enemy didn’t get the castle. Suddenly everything went under water and a marvellous lake was formed and the locals turned into beautiful flowers.


Svityaz is a great place for you to spend an unforgettable time with family, friends, or with your beloved. Here you can enjoy picturesque beauty and improve your health.


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